General Information

Where are you located?
Our headquarters are located in Montreal, but we do have other warehouses across the United States which helps us ship from multiple central points and deliver faster.
Why can't we pick up the items?
While we’d love to be more accommodating, we share warehouses with other companies and have a strict policy not to allow customers inside. These companies do not want to put their products at risk, and so the policy is strict and we can NOT under any circumstance allow customers to enter our warehouses.
Who is the manufacturer?
We use many different manufacturers for the tents we sell. We ask our suppliers to manufacture our tents according to our policies and specifications. This is how we insure that they are up to our standards, and not to the standards of the industry which are often subpar.


Why do you need my Id when my credit card has already been charged?
With fraud increasing in online purchases, we have put a security system in place which randomly flags orders to be verified. If we require extra information from you, your order will be pending until we receive this information. If you are uncomfortable sending us the required information, then we will need to cancel the order. This process has reduced fraudulent charges immensely and it is here to protect both you the consumer, as well as us. You should note that any information you provide to us will remain private and secure. We will never share this information with other companies or individuals.
Do you charge sales tax?
Because our headquarters is in Montreal, we do not charge any sales taxes.
Do you accept checks or electronic transfers for payment?
Yes, we do. Please call us regarding the details prior to placing your order. It is important to note that checks can take time to be mailed to us, and it takes more time for the checks to clear. We will only ship orders once checks have cleared.
How easy is it to assemble the party tents?
Most of our party tents require no tools for assembly. They are easy to set up and all come with instructions.
Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
We are always looking to build relationships with our customers. For bulk orders, please contact us by telephone at (888) 407-4802, and we will do our best to help you!

Shipping - Delivery

Can you overnight ship the items?
In some cases, we can overnight the items but you should know that shipping of such big and heavy products overnight can get very expensive and sometimes cost more than the product itself. If you are still interested, then please give us a call at (888) 407-4802 for a quick quote.
Do you ship worldwide?
Not at the moment, unfortunately. It is something we are looking in to, but have no updates in the near future.
How many days for delivery?
Delivery times depend on where you are located. Generally speaking, we ship all orders within a day of when the order was placed. When they are shipped, most of our orders are delivered in under 5 business days, but can take up to 7 business days for regular orders, and up to 10 business days for Freight orders.
Does The Party Tents rent out party tents?
We do not rent out tents. Are mission is to sell tents at costs that are very competitive and often will be payed off in under 2 uses, when compared to rental prices. When you rent a party tent, you pay for the delivery, the wear and tare, the assembly, the taking apart and the pickup of the party tent. You also pay for each day that the party tent remains in your possession. When you purchase a party tent from us, all the fees are waived and the savings are passed on to you on your events!

About Our Products

What are the specifics of the upgrades?
Many of our products have upgrade options available. The exact specifics about these upgrades vary depending on the product. In all cases, the build quality of the party tent will be greatly improved. The thickness and diameter of the poles, the thickness of the canopy, as well as the stakes are all increased. The overall weight of the tents often doubles when upgraded.
What's the difference between the PVC Tent and the Party Tent?
Regular party tents have canopies that are made out of Polyethylene. This is a fine material for most types of uses as it is a waterproof material. However, It cannot withstand high heats like from a fire or to hot press the seams. Because of this, if enough water accumulates on this material, it might start slightly leaking from the seams. PVC Tents are often flame retardant, and are hot sealed to make them completely waterproof. It is important to note that under no circumstance should you ever allow too much water too accumulate on the top of the tents as the weight can becoming overbearing for the structure and damage it.
What is covered by the Lifetime Warranty?
The lifetime limited warranty will cover the entire tent for any manufacturing defects. We make sure that the tent you receive functions the way it was intended. If any evidence of a manufacturing defect is found, we will replace the appropriate parts.
Do you have sidewalls without windows?
Not at the moment, unfortunately.
Do you make customized tents?
We’re working on it, but are not quite there yet.
Can you print logos on the Party Tents?
We’re working on it, but are not quite there yet.
How are the sidewalls connected?
It depends on the tent, but in most cases, the sidewalls are attached with Velcro, or bungee cords.
What material is the Party Tent made of?
Our party tents are made of polyethylene, polyester, PVC, and some more materials. Your best bet is to check out the SPECIFICATIONS tab under the product page you are looking at for the exact specs and build qualities details.
Do you have any wind rating on these tents?
Because tents are temporary structures, they are not designed to meet any structural codes. The Party Tents recommends that the tent be taken down prior to any type of severe weather. At the very least, just removing the fabric will have a huge impact on wind resistance.
Do you need to stake down these tents?
We always recommend that you stake down these tents. Frame tents can stand on their own without staking, but using the stakes correctly can potentially save your tent, it’s contents, and surroundings in case of sudden winds.
Why can't we leave the tents up overnight?
Because the nights are unpredictable. The event tent would be exposed to birds and animals which can damage it, as well as sudden weather changes which can greatly damage it.
Are any of the tents fire proof?
Party tents cannot be “fire proof”, but they can be “flame retardant”. We have a selection of flame retardant tents. You would be able to find most of these under the PVC Tents category.
Is it better to use sand bags or stakes to hold down the tents?
Stakes are always better than weight bags, but sometimes stakes are not an option. If you are setting up your tent on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt, then you won’t be able to use the stakes and extra weights can be a help.