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Why The Party Tents

The Party Tents focuses on bringing you quality party tents, commercial tents, wedding tents, pop up tents, and gazebos and reduced prices by removing the middleman.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in this industry, as well as our commitment to fantastic customer service at every end.

We know that there are unforeseen events that may come up. Some parts may be missing, or something may get damaged during shipping. We know that these things may happen, but the way we handle them is what sets us apart from the competition.

Couple our dedication to customer service with our lifetime warranty, free shipping, and fantastic quality, and you get a truly hassle-free experience that can be fruitful for years to come.

Real Customer Testimonials

"Only thing I can say about The Party Tents is THANK YOU! I was in such a tough spot with my wedding. They announced rain 3 days before my wedding, and so I paid for the expedited shipping and got the tent next day and it saved my wedding! Thank you so much for the fantastic and fast service! The tent was a hit, everyone loved it!"

Stephanie J. San Jose, California

"Very helpful and professional! I had some questions and concerns. Mike put my mind at ease. We ordered the tent, and everything has gone super smoothly since! These things are tough by the way! We had a huge storm, and the tent didn’t even budge!"

Franky K. New York, New York

"We had a wedding planned in our farm, and the rental company cancelled on us last minute. We didn’t know what to do! Finally, we found ThePartyTents online, and ordered the required tents! It actually cost us less than the rental, and we still have them up for all the events we’ve been hosting here! Win Win!"

Jan Pho L. Lafayette, Louisiana

"Great quality! Great price! I’m so happy I chose ThePartyTents 4 years ago when I bought the first tent for our hotel! We now have 15 tents and all of them are from PartyTents’ Store. Looking forward to doing business with you guys for a long time!"

David F. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This 20’ X 32’ Tent with the upgrades I got is just excellent! It holds up in the wind, it keeps the sun out and gives us shade, and it’s fantastic for all of our parties like our 4th of July Party!"

Gregory P. Dallas, Texas

"Let me tell you what kind of company this is. It was early covid, and EVERYONE was sold out on tents. My business was bleeding, and thank God for thepartytents! They had the tent I needed in stock, delivered it quickly and my restaurant was able to stay open ever since! Thank you again!"

Dina S. Miami, Florida